Acessories for the modern Indian man

A new destination for men's accessories for a modern Indian man

RKxC by actor Rahul Khanna. It provides the foundation blocks on which the modern Indian man can build a comprehensive accessories collection to express himself.

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As the creative force behind the scenes, Pulp India embarked on a journey of collaboration with actor Rahul Khanna, giving rise to RKXC. This endeavour lays the foundation for the contemporary Indian man's accessories collection, allowing him to express himself authentically.

Keep it square

Given the collaborative nature of this venture between Rahul Khanna and Chokore, the mother brand. Pulp's first step was crafting an emblematic identity and symbol that could seamlessly grace products and brands. This emblem, reminiscent of the flagship pocket square, was the anchor. Packaging and other branding elements were meticulously shaped to echo this perfect square motif. This realisation fueled our drive to create an identity that exudes timeless elegance.

Infusing quirkiness into the product spotlight

Pulp designed the campaign, infusing it with a personal touch and playful spirit while keeping the spotlight on the products. In essence, our creative direction harmonised with the brand's essence, reflecting our commitment to crafting meaningful, authentic, and visually compelling experiences.

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RKxC identity is inspired by a classic, refined style and quiet confidence. The use of square motifs, reminiscent of pocket squares, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design aesthetic.


Our packaging reflects the same classic, minimal style as our identity, featuring a grey color palette with pinstripes and presented in square boxes wrapped in elegant butter paper.