35 years campaign

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How does a brand feel younger & relevant after 35 years?

Presenting a campaign of the utmost significance - a tribute to 35 remarkable years of Cottonworld, aptly named "It's My Freakin' Nature." This campaign is a jubilant commemoration of three and a half decades of providing comfortable clothing for those who exude self-assured authenticity.

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At the core of Cottonworld lies a profound commitment to comfort, a value that permeates every facet of its existence. "It's My Freakin' Nature" encapsulates a liberating message, boldly asserting the importance of embracing our individuality, regardless of who we are or our paths. The narrative woven into this campaign is compelling and profoundly relatable. The film's cast comprises genuine individuals who resonate authentically, staying unwaveringly true to their unique stories.

Beyond being a creative endeavour, this initiative reaffirms Cottonworld's active engagement with its community. It exemplifies the brand's unwavering dedication to sparking inspiration through its trifecta of style, comfort, and culture. "It's My Freakin' Nature" is more than a campaign; it's a testament to Cottonworld's enduring journey and mission to foster connections while kindling the flames of passion.

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35 years of living in your in nature. 35 years of living with nature. 35 years of Cottonworld.

Cotton World bag

Comfort is being comfortable with oneself, and Cottonworld believes nothing is more fashionable than being comfortable in one’s skin. That’s the inspiration behind the campaign.

Cotton World bag

The entire cast makes up a community that is unique and different in every aspect. And it is these differences that make them special, as groups but also as individuals. This project reinforces Cottonworld’s active role in connecting with its community and its desire to continue inspiring through its passion for style, comfort & culture.