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Look in, find yourself

Cottonworld's journey to Pulp marked a pivotal moment when a 29-year-old brand sought more than conventional design oversight, campaigns, and communication strategies. Recognising the depth of this endeavour, Pulp embarked on a quest to uncover Cottonworld's true essence – its profound purpose. This purpose needed to resonate authentically, forging a deep connection with the brand's devoted audience. The challenge was to unearth Cottonworld's unique identity – a facet exclusively its own.

This quest led us inward, delving into the core of the brand's identity. Engaging in extensive conversations and leisurely strolls with the founders, we found that genuine insights often emerge during heart-to-heart discussions – and occasionally while exploring delectable street food. From spending time at their stores to observing customers' interactions and personally experiencing the comfort of their clothing (a definite bonus given Mumbai's sweltering climate), we immersed ourselves in the enchanting realm of Cottonworld. This immersion extended to embracing the brand's warm, hospitable family – a bond that transformed us into an integral part of their world.

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From within this immersive atmosphere, Pulp crystallised Cottonworld's essence – its DNA. Synthesising the brand's commitment to natural fabrics, ethical practices, and transparency, we unearthed a concept that encapsulated it all: Pure Living. Cottonworld emerged as India’s premier Natural Clothing Company, a pioneer in this unique realm.

In essence, Pulp's journey with Cottonworld was not just about branding; it was a voyage of self-discovery and revelation woven into the fabric of an exceptional brand and its visionary founders.

Cottonworld is pure living

Pulp embarked on a transformative journey, infusing nature into every element of Cottonworld's essence. From packaging to campaigns, our focus was clear: How can we make a meaningful impact? How can clothing be a force for good? Our answer was simple yet profound: Nature.

Nature became our guiding light, inspiring every choice we made. We opened doors to innovation and sustainability, allowing nature's wisdom to shape our path.

Packaging evolved into an eco-conscious symbol, and campaigns resonated with the natural world's rhythms. This wasn't just a rebranding; it was a reimagining. By intertwining Cottonworld with nature, we carved a unique space and championed a cause close to conscious consumers' hearts. Clothes transformed into conduits of positive change.

In essence, Pulp's strategy was an invitation to embrace nature's power, paving the way for distinction, resonance, and a brighter future.

We love our planet and we mean it

Pulp's voyage with Cottonworld has encompassed a vital quest: the rekindling of a connection with nature and the pursuit of harmony in what we extract from it. In 2019, a significant milestone was achieved with the introduction of CW VOW 2030. This groundbreaking initiative underscored Cottonworld's unwavering commitment to sustainability across fabrics, factories, and processes aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. This endeavour resonates with the intrinsic ethos of both Pulp and Cottonworld – for it is, indeed, a testament to our true nature.

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From clothing tags to packaging to campaigns to even how clothes are made, Pulp tried to change the whole ecosystem. And, we are serious about it. Don’t believe us, see the clothing tag we made ;)

cottonworld old logo
cottonworld old logo
Cotton World bag

To find deeper truths, Pulp even traced Tote bag fabric to hotel bed sheets

Mr Boxer
Ms Boxer
Cotton World bag

Pulp reinvigorated an iconic clothing brand with nature, enhancing variety, simplicity and pure living.