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Because we believe that design has a purpose

When Anita Dongre extended her invitation, it was a moment of privilege and excitement for Pulp. Recognizing the work Pulp had been doing, she swiftly arranged a meeting to discuss a remarkable opportunity – repositioning her cherished brand, Grassroot.

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Guided by Anita Dongre's vision, we embarked on a mission to unveil the brand's authentic truth and infuse it with a fresh perspective. This meeting marked the serendipitous beginning of a collaborative journey to breathe new life into Grassroot's narrative.

Brewed and handmade with love

With unwavering enthusiasm, Pulp leapt into action, commencing an intensive series of factory visits, stakeholder consultations, and spirited discussions with Anita Dongre. Her fervent dedication to uplifting local artisans and their crafts fueled our collaborative efforts.

As the scent of single-origin coffee brewed through our Aeropress wafted through our office, countless hours were invested in refining our approach. Immersed in these endless sessions, we gained a profound understanding of how to artfully position Anita Dongre's exquisite initiative.

Design that impacts lives

In a seamless fusion of purpose and creativity, Pulp found itself tasked with a compelling narrative. With profound respect for local artisans and the traditions they embody, Anita Dongre's visionary initiative breathed life into forgotten heritage. Our role was to meticulously weave a narrative around this already inspiring tale, drawing inspiration from real events and infusing it with storytelling.

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Grassroot by Anita Dongre is design beyond fashion. Grassroots is not just clothes. It's a movement.


Design that looks good. Feels good. And does good. It is where design impacts lives.