Being Human Clothing

A clothing line with a heart

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It’s not what you do but what you stand for

The inception of our journey traces back to the inaugural campaign when Pulp was entrusted with the task of spearheading the launch of Salman Khan’s Being Human Clothing. It marked a tremendous and exceptionally demanding opportunity for us. Here, we were presented with the prospect of introducing a clothing brand, but one that bore a singular and distinctive distinction.

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A clothing line with a heart is born

The seamless fusion of Being Human's core principles, the foundation's ethos, and the iconic Salman Khan with the realm of Being Human Clothing posed a significant challenge. Our journey commenced by forging a robust value system deeply rooted in human virtues: Love, Care, Share, Hope, Joy, and Respect. These values are an organic outgrowth of the daily impactful work of Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation. Our next step was to breathe life into these values.

Over the years, Pulp has masterminded every aspect guided by the mantra of ‘A clothing line with a heart’ and its overarching mission. We've crafted narratives that transcend fashion, narrating stories of individuals affecting change and transforming lives. Our journey has been about channelling the essence of Being Human into Being Human Clothing, resonating with a larger purpose that touches hearts and changes perspectives.

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Care is more than just an instruction on our label.


Being Human starts with you first.