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Look in, find yourself

Cottonworld came to Pulp at a time when a 29 year old brand was looking for an agency, but we knew it was more than just overseeing functional designs, campaigns, and communication.

Pulp needed to find what Cottonworld stood for - what was its purpose? A purpose that is real - and it connects with the loyal audience of the heritage brand - how is it that Cottonworld will find its true identity? - something they can say, it only belongs to them.

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So, we started to look inwards - searching where the truth was. From long chats and walks with the founders, nothing like a good walk the talk, that can allow deep, insightful conversations and discovery of good street food at times, to spending time at the stores, watching customers, wearing the clothes (which we must say are incredibly comfortable - we live in Mumbai - It can get very hot and sultry here), we delved deeper into this beautiful world of Cottonworld and their lovely hospitable family, who we call family now :).

And, out of this good, lovely vibe surrounding the brand and its founders, Pulp found what cottonworld stood for - their DNA. From natural fabrics, to clean and transparent practices, this was Pure Living, from India’s first and only Natural Clothing Company.

Cottonworld is pure living

So Pulp started building all things around nature - whether it is packaging - campaigns - how can we make a difference? How can clothes make a difference? Everything. We were very clear that is the only way this brand, this entity can be differentiated - can stand out. We bought nature in. We opened all the doors.

We love our planet and we mean it

Part of Pulp’s journey at Cottonworld has also been about reconnecting with nature and trying to create a harmony with what we take from it. In 2019, we introduced CW VOW 2030, a pledge from Cottonworld to go as sustainable as possible when it comes to fabrics, factories, other processes, to lessen their carbon footprint, because it is our nature.

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From clothing tags to packaging to campaigns to even how clothes are made, Pulp tried to change the whole ecosystem. And, we are serious about it. Don’t believe us, see the clothing tag we made ;)

cottonworld old logo
cottonworld old logo
Cotton World bag

To find deeper truths, Pulp even traced Tote bag fabric to hotel bed sheets

Mr Boxer
Ms Boxer
Cotton World bag

Pulp reinvigorated an iconic clothing brand with nature, enhancing variety, simplicity and pure living.